AssuredPartners UK, Ireland new corporate identity

AssuredPartners in the UK, Ireland and European territories have rebranded to reflect the successful expansion of our operations. David Heathfield CEO was asked for his insight into the new brand:

With a focus on establishing AssuredPartners UK & Ireland as a leading player in the UK and European market, the company wanted to reflect their unique business values across their new branding. The decision to rebrand the company came as a reflection of the latest successful expansion of its latest operations.

With the experienced team of insurance brokers taking a very hands-on approach to driving growth, Partnership and the power of teamwork has become a strong message the company wanted to convey throughout the brand.

We sat down with our CEO of AssuredPartners UK and Ireland, David Heathfield, to get a better understanding of the new branding vision and decision process.

Did you have an idea of the direction you wanted to go down before starting the new identity?

We have grown significantly across the UK and Ireland since we launched our last website so we needed something that reflected the values that are important to our growing business. We also knew we wanted to make it easy for visitors to make the connection between us and our highly successful and expansive operation in the US.

What were some of the challenges you faced along the way?

Overall, it’s been a smooth process. The biggest challenge is always trying to be concise and consistent in the language we use. In my opinion, the most helpful and user-friendly sites are those which say in 10 words what others say in 50.

What did the rebranding process look like?

We first spoke to our creative agency Riley and Thomas about our vision and requirements for the new branding before they could help us bring our vision to life. The nature theme conveyed two key elements for me – Trust and Partnership. Partnership and the power of teamwork is one of the core principles upon which AssuredPartners has been built on since its inception in 2011. We also recognised that trust is a fundamental building block to any successful team and this is something we strongly value at AssuredPartners. Bringing in the natural world was the perfect way to embody both of these traits throughout the brand.

How do you feel about the final product?

“Really happy. The visuals are clean and the sites are easy to navigate. Hopefully, our visitors will feel the same and I firmly believe that it will be an important tool in helping us achieve our goals moving forward.”

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